Here are some facts about packaging

Plastics can take up to 400 years to decompose, meaning that almost all plastic ever made, still exists on our planet.

Approximately 80% of post-consumer plastic waste ends up in landfill with only 7% being recycled.

Around 30 million tonnes of household waste is generated in the UK every year, of which 5.9 million tonnes is packaging.

About 96% of dead seagulls in Northern Scotland were found to have 28 pieces of plastic waste in their stomachs.

However, the packaging industry has been designing with waste prevention in mind for years. Improvements in packaging design and production techniques have resulted in huge material usage reductions. A one pint glass milk bottle is 65% lighter than it was in 1940, a one litre plastic detergent bottle is 58% lighter than in 1970 and a cardboard box is typically 14% lighter than in 1971

Harmless Packaging is not complacent and is working to create more positive statistics.

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